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SmartMax Box

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SmartMax Box is a boxed set of 70 pieces for creating! Build on the box lid, build on bottom of box and build on the floor. Create whatever you like wherever you like. Just enjoy discovering magnetic play! This toy is suitable for a wide age range from 1 year upwards. Great for Early Years providers due to the age range. SmartMax is a colourful and safe magnetic construction toy for young children to stimulate hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, colour recognition, form recognition in 2D & 3D, playing together, counting, fantasy and creativity.

Also available a box of 100 pieces

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SmartMax is made from high quality materials, which make the parts really strong. SmartMax parts are glued together and ultrasonically welded for final assembly. This makes it impossible for toddlers to tear them apart. Compatible with other SmartMax sets.

Age 1-6 yrs

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